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Management’s job is not to see the company as it is…but as it can become.

John W. Teets

CEO Greyhound Corporation





In today’s business climate persuading people to take action is harder than ever. In fact, just getting their attention can be challenging.


Studies show that prospects and customers are much less inclined to participate in your sales process than they were even 10 years ago. Successful companies understand that establishing a beachhead for effective engagement with buyers, and even employees for that matter, requires effective strategy and compelling support materials. PriMarc has been providing both for over 20 years.


Internal and External Research

Strategic Discovery

Effective Messaging and Positioning Strategies

Communication Planning and Implementation




Get a Better Picture of Your Position in the Market

Internal and External Research


PriMarc conducts internal and external interviews and web-based research to determine key metrics, based on actual market feedback, from which the marketing and corporate strategies are developed. Findings can include:

  • How you really stack up against the competition in the eyes of your prospects

  • Your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)

  • Decision makers and decision factors

  • Target market preferences

  • Your industry environment – political, environmental, social, technical, legal and ethical factors

  • Industry trends




Make Sure Everyone in Your Company Sees the Same Vision

Strategic Discovery


A Strategic Discovery consult will help you more clearly articulate your vision for the company. The Strategic Discovery process uses customized strategic planning models to assist you in developing or refreshing your strategic vision and business mission, along with defining goals and objectives.


Strategic Discovery will:

  • Articulate a process for creating sustainable growth

  • Provide analysis and planning to maintain a strong standing with current customers while positioning the company for purchase

  • Clarify the understanding of the value your company offers the market

  • Develop criteria for decision making

  • Create a plan and the language that will enable you to more clearly convey the organizational purpose to all constituents

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Clarify Your Real Value to the Market

Effective Messaging and Positioning Strategies


The first task of sales support material is to cut through the barrage of information that bombards prospects each and every day, and clearly communicate the unique value your company represents. In today’s market, terms like “leader,” “innovative,” and “pride” do very little to advance the sale. You need to express your value in terms that motivate your prospects to take action.


Our goal in messaging and positioning is to create specific messages for specific targets in order to ensure the greatest possible impact, while developing a central theme under which all the messages can unite.


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Deliver the Message

Communication Planning and Implementation


PriMarc examines available communication channels to determine which can most effectively convey the messages to the identified targets.


We also examine options for contacting targeted firms and individuals with specific offers. We develop sequence and timing strategies appropriate to the offers and the buying processes of the various segments and targets. 









In doing so we investigate questions such as:

  • What information related to the services would prospects consider beneficial and not just promotional?

  • At what point in the buying or retention process do we want to contact prospects or existing customers?

  • What are the logical next steps for prospects or customers to take after receiving our materials?

Based on the agreed strategies, PriMarc develops messaging vehicles to communicate your value to all constituents, internally and externally. Messaging vehicles can include one or all of the following.



Your website is one of the first places prospects will to go to see if they can determine the value your company might bring to their operation. PriMarc will make sure that value is communicated front and centre.



Research by Forbes, Forrester and many other organizations confirms that companies using video marketing in their online promotional efforts are converting more prospects into customers and educating those customers better than competitors that don’t use video.  Learn more at



Will better presentations really improve your business development efforts? That depends. If you ever find yourself in a close race with your competition, then more professional, flexible and consistent presentations will definitely make an important difference in your business development efforts. (Check out iMarc to see if our professional presentation platform might benefit you.)


Information Folders

It’s vitally important to package details about your products or services in a framework that opens a place in the prospect’s mind to receive the information. A four-page 8½ x 11 folder with a pocket for inserts is one of the most effective means of making sure your key messages are communicated before you ask prospects to absorb the details of your information or proposal materials.


Direct Response Vehicles

In the current sales environment, the challenge is to get prospects engaged with you at some level – even if they won’t initially see a sales person. Direct response vehicles offering something of value in return for a response are the ticket to starting that interaction. Important: The “offer” can’t be a cheesy “specialty marketing” giveaway, like a ball cap or a pen. It must be directly related to your business and be legitimately useful in helping prospects improve their own business.


Additional Messaging Channels

  • Fact Sheets

  • Tradeshow Materials

  • Seminar / Conference Materials

  • Lunch ‘n’ Learn Materials

  • Brochures

  • White papers

  • Newsletters

  • Advertisements

  • Videos

  • Intranet

  • Public Relations

  • Specialty Marketing Items

  • Posters


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