Need a Great Idea
to Grow Your Business?

We have several. But these days it takes more than a great idea to grow a business.


It takes an integrated effort designed for one purpose – to generate inquiries, and ultimately sales, from highly qualified prospects.

The buying process has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. This fact is reflected in numerous studies showing that a sales force by itself is unable to find and convert all potential opportunities into purchases. Why? Because prospects don’t want to interact with a seller until a certain point in their buying process. Before they reach that point, you must find other ways to contact and engage them, or hope that your competition doesn’t.

You need an effective lead generation and development program.


Real growth.

A systematic approach to generating new business and expanding existing business.


When most people think of marketing, they think in terms of creative output – Websites, ads, brochures and so forth. Obviously you need delivery vehicles for your messages, but even more important, you need a strategy to ensure those vehicles and messages will actually work. Meaning they will generate and help you develop qualified sales leads.

An effective lead generation and development program is one that will earn many times what it costs. This can only be accomplished with well planned and well executed integrated marketing strategies. The kind of strategies PriMarc uses to help our clients sell millions of dollars worth of products and services.

These strategies are incorporated in The Primary Marketing ProcessTM.

We also use a variety of marketing devices – research and market development, direct response vehicles, public relations, multimedia (see iMarc), on-line marketing, trade shows, sales literature, print ads, radio and TV commercials, plus media analysis and selection – but not before we make sure the results will be worth the effort.

And to be certain each aspect of the program benefits from the best guidance possible, we form alliances with specialists, as needed. Our focus is on finding the most efficient and cost-effective way to get you the results you need.

Getting results.

Is the ultimate reward.



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