About PriMarc


The agency began operation in 1986 and has evolved into what is now PriMarc Communications. PriMarc is a Business-to-Business solutions provider encompassing the talents of very experienced marketing professionals, providing strategic, branding and communication services. Our team members have a solid background in the marketing communications business. Most of us have practiced our profession in the U.S. and internationally for many years with this and other well-respected advertising agencies, including O&M, Y&R, Ketchum, McCann, J Walter Thompson and the McKinney Agencies.


See PriMarc People for biographies of our key personnel.


Not only have we served in the capacity of agency management for large national and local agencies, we have also managed marketing communications and other areas on the client side. We are thus able to provide our clients with complete marketing and business experience.


Our clients think of PriMarc Communications as a mid-size agency with big agency experience. The benefit: big agency expertise at reasonable prices. More importantly – we produce results, by using proven analytical methodologies to develop hard-hitting creative that positively impacts the bottom line.


Our agency has represented a wide range of business: Energy, including Petroleum, Chemicals and Plastics; Engineering, Procurement and Construction; Hi-Tech; Medical; Consumer and Retail; Manufacturing and Real Estate.


We are flexible. Yes, we have our processes and standards as a professional agency, but that doesn’t mean you have to fit our mold. We’re not rigid – we adapt and adjust to your unique and changing needs.


We believe in measurement and accountability. You deserve substantiation of your marketing communications investment and confirmation that your dollars are invested wisely, guided by a strong marketing mix that hits the bull’s-eye.


We believe in fiscal responsibility. In order to maximize the marketing dollars, in-house staff is utilized as much as possible in the execution of your marketing program.